Saturday, February 12, 2011


if the flowers could talk they would probly tell you  that this  pain  has found a home ,the feelings theyve known have been here befor,i walk like a cat on the night without a sound,only the  stars can feel my bones and only the sight of you can keep me awake i know its been a while since a smile was here and maybe it is best to not be in this together but even with the  pain and the  hate i still have a home for you in my chest where the light  will still shine like a  spot light in the  empty sea ,i will climb the mountian iwill see the life i will be here waiting ,and if i wait to long till im gray and old i will know atleast i did and if you see me like that know that it was for you because  that the only way i will smile once more ill go away but  not to far for the light will keep me alive

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